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Putting a smile on the face of child is a magical feeling. When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition a family’s focus becomes their child, their medical appointments and treatment; there’s no time for anything else. Since 1986 Help Fill a Dream Foundation has been supporting those families from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands whose lives have suddenly changed due to their child’s diagnosis with a medical condition or severe health challenge.

Support comes in all sorts of ways. When families are in survival mode the Family Assistance program provides a lifeline. We try to pick up the practical and financial worry, allowing parents to focus on the most important thing: the health of their child.

After treatment is finished it is time for the child who has been through so much to have a Dream fulfilled. These Dreams are powerful things for children with life-threatening conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, childhood cancers or cystic fibrosis.

In the past year Help Fill A Dream has raised over three quarters of a million dollars, and over 300 families were supported. With donor support we can continue to make the impossible, possible. Never underestimate the power of dreams, or the role you could play in helping fill them.

Since 1986, Help Fill a Dream has made more than 2,800 dreams come true. But there’s always more to do. And you can help.  Click here to help fill a child’s dream.

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“The bed allows Shea to feel secure and safe while providing us with the opportunity to shower, eat or even take a short nap with piece of mind, and the new bedding is something new and all her own; she’ll be very happy to sleep in it tonight. Thank you so much for giving our family this closure”

Shea’s Grandmother

“Thank you so much for making this possible. We feel so blessed that we had this incredible opportunity. We would not have been able to make this a reality without you and your supporters! Thank you for giving Tyler a chance to see life in a much more positive light.”

Tyler’s Mom

“Without the support of this great charity, we would struggle every month getting to and from surgeries for our amazing 3 year old who suffers from a rare virus.”

Charlee’s Mom

“Thank you Help Fill A Dream. You have made an enormous positive effect on my daughter’s physical and emotional well-being.”

Scarlett’s Mom

“You are all heroes! Thank you for keeping hope alive in all that you do.”

Tree’s Mom

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