Changing Lives with Spare Change

July 9, 2018

If you’ve ever traveled on the Clipper, between Victoria and Seattle, you might have played a small part in a big story. On your right, once you’re through ticketing on your trip to Seattle, is a little square box that calls for your spare change – those funny Canadian coins that you won’t need when you get back to the US, or for Canadian travelers, perhaps they are just jangling your pocket. Every few months, a volunteer from Help Fill A Dream takes that box and empties it, marveling at how the small change quickly adds up.

Putting a smile on the face of a child is a magical feeling, but those people who have dropped their change in the box at the Clipper terminal might not know how much good their contribution has added up to. The donation box shows how even a few coins can add up to a whole lot of change for the kids. Over the past 20 years the small donations into that box have added up to a huge total – approximately $50,000 – and will have impacted many lives.


Thank you Victoria Clipper travelers, you’ve helped to make dreams come true!