One Track Mind

Event Date: November 15, 2020

Record-breaking attempt happening right here on Vancouver Island!

Victoria-based ultrarunner, and Help Fill A Dream friend, supporter (and Dream kid) Jerry Hughes, is making an attempt to break the current 130 year old Canadian 6 day running record which sits at 870 kms.

A unique challenge event has come out of Jerry’s crazy idea! One Track Mind was created by race director Lisa Large to enable Jerry to make his attempt. He needed a venue that would allow the record to be certified by the Association of Canadian Ultrarunners (ACU) as well as two other runners to run the event to make the record official. The venue chosen is the Duncan Sportsplex, with the event starting on November 15th at 9am.

As not every runner is keen to run for 6 days, a 24 hr and 48 hr option was added. Lisa and co-race director, Joshua Heath are committed to fundraising for local charities as part of each event they put on. The natural fit for this race is Help Fill A Dream Foundation. It’s a charity close to Jerry’s heart as he benefited from our programs when he and his siblings were diagnosed with Gardner’s Syndrome, a rare disease with a life expectancy of 35-45 years old. Jerry is now 40 years of age and has an incredible gift for endurance. This race and record will remain as an inspiration and part of his legacy to his children and those who live with rare diseases.

Like many charitable organizations, Help Fill A Dream Foundation has been hit hard this year with their major fundraising events cancelled due to Covid 19. This event aims to boost their fundraising and directly help Vancouver Island kids living with life threatening conditions. The goal is to raise $144,000 for the Foundation. This breaks down to $1000 for every hour Jerry will be running.

You can donate or register for this event.

Go Jerry Go! Your spirit for endurance, appetite for adventure, and desire to continue the work that Help Fill A Dream does is an inspiration.

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