1001 Cranes, 1 Wish

We have seen many wonderful examples of fundraising ideas over the years, and some of those that stand out the most are led by children. Often it is a child who has themselves received a Dream or other support from us who wants to give back, but sometimes it is a family member. This week we learned of Myla Bui’s plan to raise funds for Help Fill A Dream. Myla is the younger sister of Leila, a Victoria schoolgirl who suffered a terrible accident and was left requiring significant medical support.

Leila spent six months in B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, and we supported the family by paying for meals and ­accommodation. When Leila returned home we had a wheelchair ramp built at their house and helped with the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible van to get her to medical appointments.

Myla describes her relationship with Leila on the Facebook page she set up, 1001 Cranes, 1 Wish: “We used to do a lot of silly things together. We made very weird videos, which were all her ideas. We also dress up and just take silly pictures. We don’t do these things anymore. She is still my best friend.” Myla decided that she would fold origami cranes and encourage donations: “There’s an ancient Japanese legend that promises anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods, the extra crane is for good luck.” She goes on to explain her goal: “Help Fill a Dream helped us a lot so I would like to help them in helping other families fill their child’s dream/wish. I want to become a young philanthropist who contributes and makes a positive difference in my community. My goal to accomplish by the end of 2020 is to raise and donate $2,002 to the Help fill a Dream Foundation towards filling two children’s dream/wish come true.”


For every $1 donation, Myla will fold 1 origami crane with a name on it if wanted. Her original goal was to collect $2002 in donations at which point she would string the cranes and make mobiles to present to the Dream children. She thought it was realistic to aim for two mobiles, but her campaign has caught the imagination and attention of the community and she has already collected over $7,000!

We are incredibly touched by this project and the way that it has connected with so many people. The money that Myla raises will support several other families, making life a little bit easier for them at their most difficult times.

Thank you Myla.

If you want to contribute to the 1001 Cranes, 1 Wish project you can donate by mail or drop off your donation (cheques should be made out to Kairry Nguyen) at 1703 Ash Rd., Victoria B.C. V8N 2T7. People ­wishing to e-transfer can email: [email protected].

For every $1 donation, Myla will fold one origami crane with your name on it.