A Bat-light Dream!

Quinn, Dad and friends traveled to Comic Con during July 2011.  They drove from Nanaimo to San Diego in time to catch the 4 day event which welcomes over 100,000 people.  Comic Con brings together thought leaders from the comics, media, and digital worlds to discuss how the most powerful trends in comics are shaping the future.

What did Quinn bring to this party?  His Bat-light!  Literally, a searchlight with the famous Batman symbol on the front just like that used to call Batman in times of need.  Many of the attendees costume themselves in the gear of their favourite comic hero.  Quinn didn’t miss a trick with his “costume” attracting plenty of attention from conventioneers!

Quinn stayed in the hotel adjoining the San Diego Convention Centre to make access easy and convenient throughout his visit.  He was able to take in everything Comic Con had to offer – displays, discussion panels, events.  Speakers and panelists at the Conference looked at the state of comics now; how comics are being used in other media; and, how digital comics are interacting with the transmedia uses of comic properties.

We are thankful to the organizers of Comic Con for their support of Quinn’s dream.  We look forward to hearing stories of the Quinn’s adventures in San Diego.  Truly a shining light!