At 13 months old, now ten year old Riley suffered an acute stroke and it was discovered that he suffers from a rare form of vascular narrowing in his brain. In March of 2017, Riley required emergency surgery after suffering from 4 mini strokes that closed the major blood supply to his brain. After surgery, he suffered many complications such as a loss of mobility, being unable to talk and he even had to learn to eat again. Riley is unable to fly because of his condition so this was a big consideration when we helped make his Dream a reality. Riley is from a very active and sports loving family and he loves the Toronto Blue Jays. His Dream to see the Blue Jays play came true in August 2019 when he and his family travelled to Seattle to watch three Blue Jays games and to explore the city. In addition to his Dream trip, Help Fill A Dream has also been able to assist Riley with an ipad for communication, as well as ongoing speech therapy.