Tyler’s Story

Dear everyone at Help Fill A Dream:

We are now back from our amazing holiday in Florida! After having so much stress over the last few years, this was exactly what we needed. It was a strange but wonderful and freeing feeling of being on a holiday without having to break it up with medical appointments or having a medical procedure be the focus of the trip. It is important for me to tell you what an impact this dream vacation had on Tyler.

After the age of one, Tyler became accustomed to frequent trips to the hospital because of various health problems. At the age of five Tyler was diagnosed with a rare condition called Portal Vein Thrombosis. After this diagnosis, hospital visits, unpleasant procedures and frequent surgeries became the new normal. Although Tyler’s lifesaving surgery last year changed his health immensely for the better, I began to notice that Tyler would approach new things bleakly and with extreme anxiety.


During this extraordinary trip, we had so much fun together as a family! Tyler was completely taken with Animal Kingdom at Disney World and our close encounter with the dolphins at SeaWorld. He also couldn’t seem to get enough of the rides. On one particular ride called “Kali River Rapids” Tyler was literally squealing with joy. I realized that this was a side of Tyler I had never actually seen before, where he was having complete fun without any worries and it melted my heart!

Thank you so much for making this possible. We feel so blessed that we had this incredible opportunity. We would not have been able to make this a reality without you and your supporters! Thank you for giving Tyler a chance to see life in a much more positive light.


Shawna (Tyler’s mother)

Through our Quality of Life program, Help Fill A Dream initially assisted Tyler and his family with travel, accommodations and living expenses during his surgery in Chicago in March 2016.