In 2014, Tyson’s diagnosis came as a surprise when he was admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) for diabetic ketoacidosis. After a week in PICU, Tyson pulled through and was transferred into the pediatric unit, where he would learn to live with his new life-treating illness. In Tyson’s mother’s words, “Type 1 diabetics never get a break. There is a constant worry. Tyson cannot simply eat or go for a bike ride, a simple cold can send him to the hospital, and even his emotions affect his blood sugars. Everything needs extra precaution and planning."

Fast forward to 2023, when Tyson’s Dream came true. He and his family escaped to Disney World to see things he had only dreamed of seeing. Tyson’s mother shared that their days were filled with smiles and laughter that warmed her heart as it had been so long since she had seen Tyson with a permanent smile on his face. As a family, they took in all the parks in Disney World and Hollywood Studios was Tyson's favorite. They discovered that Tyson is quite the thrill seeker as he gravitated to all the scary thrill rides!

Although he couldn’t escape his responsibilities with his health, Tyson’s Dream trip to Disney World allowed him to have a fabulous time and his family “can’t express how incredibly thankful they are to the Fill A Dream Foundation and all of its supporters for making Tyson’s dream come true! Not only did they make Tyson’s dream come true but they have continually supported our family in so many ways since he was diagnosed. It brings comfort knowing that there are people who recognize the need in supporting and honouring kids who are just trying to be kids all while fighting their health battles like the champions they truly are.” – Tanya Holst, Tyson’s mother