Janine Boomer

April 17, 2017

Janine has been a Program Manager at Help Fill A Dream for 10 years. Her time is split between planning and managing Dreams and the Bear Essentials Program. She is always passionate about the role: “Being able to work with a family to make their child’s Dream come true always brings me such joy. No matter how many I do, each one is unique and so special. The addition of the Bear Essentials program to our organization has allowed us to assist so many more Island families. It amazes me how many families do not have access to support and this program is often their last hope. I enjoy chatting with the referring professionals to figure out the best way we can help a family and of course chatting with families is always a highlight.

Janine has witnessed the impact the organization has on families, and is proud to be part of the team that makes such a difference to a child’s life: “There is nothing better than giving a child their Dream and hearing how it impacted the family in such a positive way. Often Dreams are trips and it is nice to hear from the family when they return, how they were able to escape from the doctors and appointments, and just enjoy being together making lasting memories. This is why I work here!”