Pam Chandla

April 17, 2017

As well as volunteering on the Board you’ll find Pam at many Help Fill A Dream events. “The TC10K Help Fill A Dream water station is one of my favorite events. It happens to always fall around my daughter Jaanvi’s birthday, so we have made it a part of her birthday tradition. She has been waking up in the early hours since she was five and is now going on over three years of participating in it. The volunteers arrive early to get the water set up, and when the racers begin to run through, the energy, and excitement are always so exhilarating. We theme the volunteers each year as well, which makes it even more fun.” The way that Pam got involved with Help Fill A Dream is quite unique, “In 2016, I was selected to participate in the Leadership Development Program through Leadership Victoria. The program combines leaders from organizations across Victoria to assist in serving the communities who need assistance. My group, Diversity, selected Help Fill a Dream by marketing a Happy Half Birthday Campaign, that allows people to celebrate their half birthday by giving a gift, rather than receiving it, by donating funds or volunteering their time. We also assisted in managing and securing funds to help build a sanctuary garden at Jeneece Place. I specifically recall the one particular weekend during the last week of our project. We had the unveiling of the Sanctuary garden, and the TC10K, and I remember having such an amazing weekend with the biggest smile on my face. I knew at that time, I needed to do more volunteering. Volunteering for Help Fill a Dream is just part of what I do now. The Board is like my family, my children get to learn about volunteerism and are often by my side at all our events, and I love the impact that we make for the children of Victoria and our surrounding communities. I’ve been on the Board now for close to three years and am amazed at all that our small but mighty team does.”