Tracey Trousdell

Tracey Trousdell July 17, 2019

Tracey has been working as one of our Program Managers for a year. She primarily works on the Bear Essentials program, which assists families with the day-to-day financial needs of raising a child with a medical condition. She works with referring professionals, vendors, families, and staff to provide assistance to families in the most efficient and helpful way possible. Additionally Tracey is very involved with event planning and promotion; “knowing we have a committed network of volunteers and community members makes coordinating those events a fun and meaningful experience.”

Tracey sees directly the impact of her role: “The impact on families is huge, and hearing from them is always a highlight for me. I know first-hand what it’s like to navigate the medical system with my own twins who have a physical disability, so I can provide a unique perspective on our programs and the life changing support we provide. Even the simplest things that can ease a parent’s stress are so meaningful.”