1001 Cranes, 1 Wish

We have seen many wonderful examples of fundraising ideas over the years, and some of those that stand out the most are led by children. Often it is a child who has themselves received a Dream or other support from us who wants to give back, but sometimes it is a family member. This week… READ MORE

Adam’s Story

We would like to take a moment to remind you of the power of Dreams. Adam is a fourteen-year-old boy from Victoria with Type 1 Diabetes. His life completely changed after his diagnosis as he quickly had to adjust to his new reality – living his life with a life-threatening condition. Adam’s Dream of travelling to… READ MORE

Some of our 2019 superhero calendar heroes

Introducing Andrei aka the Green Lantern 8-year-old Andrei has Type One diabetes; it’s a frightening, unpredictable condition that he will live with forever. Type One means that Andrei’s pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to help his cells absorb sugars, to produce energy for his busy body. Andrei shares many qualities with the superhero The Green… READ MORE

Jonathan’s Story

Jonathan’s life has not an been easy one. He was born with a birth defect which left him unable to breathe on his own, unable to eat, deaf, and with severe scoliosis. He was on oxygen and a feeding pump and also received a cochlear implant at 2 years old to help him hear. He… READ MORE

Arielle’s Story

Fourteen-year-old Arielle, from Nanaimo, has Type 1 Juvenile diabetes. Arielle loves dolphins and her Dream was to meet Winter, the star of the movie “Dolphin Tale”. Arielle’s Dream of visiting the Clearwater Marine Aquarium came true in Jan 2019. Arielle says: “Winter has a disability that she conquered and became an amazing role model. Thank… READ MORE

BC Transit – Fundraising Champions!

BC Transit employees have been fundraising for us since 1986 It was in 1986 that Victoria transit driver, Rick Thomas, met a seven year old bus passenger suffering from a terminal illness. More than anything, she wanted to visit her grandmother in Nova Scotia. Rick was so determined to find funds to grant this young… READ MORE

Hannah’s Story

“Our family is really grateful that we could receive funding from Help Fill A Dream to help with getting this amazing chair for our beautiful little girl. This chair was a dream for about a year when Hannah’s old chair started giving us trouble. She was without a chair for 7 weeks. We could not wait… READ MORE

Massimo’s Story

“Massimo is currently 6 years old and has about a year and a half of treatment left.  He is responding well to treatment and has just finished kindergarten. He was only able to attend about half of the school days this year due to the ongoing effects of his treatment. Massimo and his family would… READ MORE

Sydney’s Story

“Help Fill A Dream helped our family in a very difficult time in Sydney’s treatment so that we could take time off work to support Sydney and each other during hospital stays and travel in Vancouver.  It meant so much to our family to be together and not have the added financial stress so we… READ MORE

Kai’s Story

“Kai was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on November 6, 2015.  Help Fill A Dream’s assistance helped us with monthly expenses associated with travel to Vancouver for treatment as well as funding our stay for a two month period in Vancouver. Our family spent two months in Vancouver for the Delayed Intensification part of Kai’s… READ MORE

Anna’s Story

“When a child is sick it’s hard on the whole family.  Now that our daughter is doing well and her check-ups went from every three to every six months there’s time to breath!!  We are so so soooo very happy Help Fill A Dream made this trip happen for us.  It was fantastic from the… READ MORE

Chelsea’s Story

“A huge thank you – so much – for your organization’s most generous donation and ongoing wonderful support  to our little Chelsea!  This will be really helpful to our family and will ease the costs associated with Chelsea’s leukemia treatments at BC Children’s Hospital. We took Chelsea and her sister to the Vancouver Aquarium as a treat before… READ MORE

William’s Story

“Our William is a bright and social little boy. He suffers from a rare form of brain damage called Kernicterus and it impacts all of the muscles in his body. He requires several pieces of equipment in order for him to interact with our family and friends all while providing him the necessary supports for… READ MORE

Ethan’s Story

“Help Fill A Dream generously helped us to gain a modified wheelchair accessible van so that Ethan can bring his chair anywhere and participate in our community. Ethan loves his wheelchair as it gives him independence and the opportunity to explore his world. The van has been a huge help for our family, as getting… READ MORE

Islay Mei’s Story

“My daughter’s dream snorkelling trip was absolutely incredible!  We had such a wonderful time, and it was an amazing experience for everyone in a true tropical paradise.  Islay Mei snorkeled every day, and saw so many corals, fish, rays, and sharks.  As a family, we were able to just hang out and have fun –… READ MORE

Ella’s Story

“We are so grateful for everything that Help Fill A Dream did to make Ella’s Dream trip to Orlando and her family a reality.  It was a magical trip that allowed us to forget for awhile all our problems and just laugh and have fun, we haven’t had much time for that over the last… READ MORE

Nikolas’ Story

“For those of you that don’t know my son Nikolas, he is in all accounts a typical almost 14 year old boy. However when he was a baby, I was unsure he would even live to be 10! This was due to the fact that he was sick so often as a baby and child… READ MORE

Wyatt’s Story

At the age of 2, Wyatt was diagnosed with Wilms tumour, a rare form of kidney cancer. Wyatt immediately received surgery and he completed chemotherapy in November 2014. Wyatt’s Dream was to go to Disney World. Wyatt’s Dream came true in January 2017. “Wyatt’s Dream was amazing in so many ways. We would never have… READ MORE

Tyler’s Story

Dear everyone at Help Fill A Dream: We are now back from our amazing holiday in Florida! After having so much stress over the last few years, this was exactly what we needed. It was a strange but wonderful and freeing feeling of being on a holiday without having to break it up with medical… READ MORE

Quinn’s Story

Some Dreams involve parents just wanting to be by their child’s side while they access the best medical treatment available, whatever and wherever that may be. Baby Quinn was born with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). Also known as “bubble baby disease,” it means Quinn has no immune system. SCID itself is rare, but Quinn has… READ MORE

Aurora’s Story

It is hard to believe that three year old Aurora was born with a hole in her heart and she required lifesaving surgery when she was just eighteen months old. Now Aurora bounds into a room and lights it up with her smile. She is always in motion. Aurora is fascinated by princesses, Disney princesses… READ MORE

Coen’s Story

Six-year old Coen was born with bi-lateral hydro nephrosis (non-fucntioning kidneys) and spent the first three years of his life hooked up to a dialysis machine 12 hours a day. When a kidney transplant in 2013 freed him from dialysis, he and his family started planning some time away together – happy and healthy after… READ MORE

Dacian’s Story

Dacian was born an Edmonton Oilers fan. The 11 year-old hockey player from Victoria has loved the team since his birth in Alberta’s capital city and last month, thanks to Help Fill a Dream, he got to see the Oilers in action – on and off the ice. Dacian, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy –… READ MORE

Viraj’s Story

Duncan residents, Sandeep and Manjit saved for a rainy day. They were careful with their spending and invested wisely with plans for their family’s future. When their son, Viraj was born with interstitial lung disease in May 2007, they could not have imagined that one of their challenges (among the many they would face) would… READ MORE

Katrina’s Story

Despite her limitations Katrina is able to relate to other people and experience things going on around her but is limited in her ability to express feelings and thoughts in return. On first meeting Katrina is somewhat shy but after she becomes comfortable with a new person in the room she settles in to working… READ MORE

The Cumby Family

Debbie Cumby suffered a heart attack in 2003, was in a coma for 2 days, survived and then had a pace maker implanted, all before the age of thirty. Six years later during a family reunion in California with her husband Bill, who had been serving in the military in Africa, her teenage daughter’s heart… READ MORE

Ella’s “Fairy Garden”

Ella, a spunky six-year old Saanich girl, was diagnosed and treated for a brain tumor a little over two years ago. The radiation and chemotherapy appear to have been successful in eradicating the tumor, but have resulted in some degradation in her hearing and a possible permanent loss of hair. She continues to visit Children”s… READ MORE

Tessa’s Travels

Five-month-old Tessa was being treated for persistent Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia, an condition that caused her to seizure, to be hospitalized, and which placed her at risk for various medical situations and possibly even death. Tessa needed a test to pinpoint the area where insulin is produced. The only hospital unit that offered this test was in… READ MORE

Joel Goes Camping

To Joel, camping is hope. And bugs and fishing too. Joel was diagnosed with an acute type of leukemia and was receiving treatments in two hospitals. While in hospital, he spoke enthusiastically about wanting to go camping with his parents and four sisters and to travel in a rented motor home to West Edmonton Mall… READ MORE

Sawyer’s Story

Sawyer wanted nothing more than to visit Disneyland see his hero Sidney Crosby play in an NHL game with the Pittsburg Penguins. Unfortunately Sawyer’s past three years have been too occupied with receiving treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia to do so. Help Fill A Dream in collaboration with the Hotel Association of Victoria where able… READ MORE

Katrina’s Story

Victorian native, 16 year old Katrina was diagnosed with Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetes. Help Fill A Dream received first received a gift request from Katrina’s social worker who explained that Katrina desperately needed to have an insulin pump so that she could maintain good glycemic (blood sugar) control. The Board approved the gift and… READ MORE

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea was born at 28 weeks in Courtenay and had to be transferred to the Nanaimo Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for months to deal with medical conditions brought on by being born at such an early age. For months, Chelsea’s mom stayed by her side and her dad had to take a great deal of… READ MORE

A Home Away From Home

Help Fill A Dream first met Jeneece when she was just three years old. Jeneece had been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a disease that causes tumors to grown on almost every nerve root coming out from her spine. Over the last 13 years, Jeneece has undergone countless surgeries and chemotherapy to treat her tumors. Over the… READ MORE

Justin’s Story

Victoria native, 15 year old Justin was recently diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor that was causing seizures and intracranial lesions. He was immediately admitted to BC Children’s Hospital to begin aggressive treatment. Help Fill A Dream assisted Justin’s family with monthly support to help with transportation, food, and accommodation costs while he was undergoing… READ MORE

Tristan’s Story

Our son Tristan was born with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, a condition that (amongst other things) makes it impossible for him to turn himself in his bed at night. Because of this, Tristan would call out to us for help whenever needed, usually six or eight times a night for a “flip” – a routine that… READ MORE

Shira’s Story

Shira Fisher is defying the odds. Born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a condition that makes it impossible for her to swallow, sit up, roll or even lift her arms, she has been on life support for all of her life. But that life is a miracle in itself. At six years old she is… READ MORE

Nicole’s Quest for a Cure

It’s amazing how something as insignificant as an insect bite can change a person’s life. Nicole Bottle has spent the last four of her 20 years fighting an uphill battle against a debilitating illness and a seemingly uncaring Canadian medical establishment. In 2007 Nicole became ill with symptoms that included fatigue, nausea, dizziness, headaches and… READ MORE

Andraya’s Story

Acid reflux is a condition that can cause persistent irritation and pain in adults and, if untreated can lead to cancer of the esophagus. For a three and a half pound prematurely born baby, the affects are much more severe and almost always fatal. For Andraya it meant that she could not keep any food… READ MORE

A Bat-light Dream!

Quinn, Dad and friends traveled to Comic Con during July 2011.  They drove from Nanaimo to San Diego in time to catch the 4 day event which welcomes over 100,000 people.  Comic Con brings together thought leaders from the comics, media, and digital worlds to discuss how the most powerful trends in comics are shaping… READ MORE