Dreams and so much more.

Help Fill A Dream provides support for families in a variety of ways. When the parents of children with a life-threatening / critical condition find themselves in an impossible situation, we can help.

Our Family Assistance Program assists families whose child has a life-threatening / critical condition, focusing on a child’s mobility, health, and well-being.

Support considered under this program may include medically required equipment such as a wheelchair, walker, or continuous glucose monitor; travel outside of the community, including out of province or country, for ongoing treatment; or monthly support for therapeutic resources such as uninsured medications.

For more information, please go to our Family Assistance Page.


Dreams matter. Dreams replace the frustration and despair a child experiences while undergoing treatment with hope, which is so essential to fighting disease and disability. For a child facing the uncertainty of a life-threatening condition, hope and happiness help the healing process. They are carried from a place of uncertainty and are shown that good things can still happen in their future.

Each Dream is as unique as the child requesting it. Dreams can be big or small, near or far, fast or slow. We have fulfilled Dreams of travel, Dreams which include friends and family, Dreams of meeting celebrities, Dreams of pirate ship playhouses and backyard fairy gardens, Dreams of families simply being together.

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