The Cownden Family and Shae

July 11, 2018

Liane Cownden (pictured left) and her family have been involved with Help Fill A Dream for 10 years, and each year they surprise us more and more. Liane’s father, having started his own company, Northridge Excavating Ltd., valued the importance of giving back and recognized the ability he had to give back; therefore Liane and her family became involved with one of our biggest events: Golf for Kids.

Being family-oriented, Liane wanted to help families who were in dire need of assistance. As a family, the Cownden’s look at our Dream children and their families every year and decide which one they would like to help out in a more personal way. This year the Cownden family chose to help support the completion of Shae’s Dream by providing brand-new custom bedding for the enclosure bed that Help Fill A Dream purchased for her. A comfortable and safe bed is something that many of us take for granted, but the importance of a bed for Shae and her family is why the Cowndens chose her.

Shae is a young girl who lives with neuronal migration disorder and seizure disorder; we were able to give her family piece of mind by providing an enclosure bed that is safe and secure for Shae to sleep in. After speaking with Shae’s grandmother and mother, we learned of how much it has improved their quality of life at home. They were finally able to feel confident in leaving her for 15 minutes in order to shower or to get something to eat knowing she would be safe in bed when they returned to her.

Upon receiving the generous donation from us on behalf of Liane and her family, Shae’s family was thrilled at finally having closure. Finally providing Shae with her own complete bed that was uniquely hers.


We would like to thank the Liane and her family for their continued support whether it be through Golf for Kids or something more personal like the gift to Shae.