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Family Assistance Program

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Family Assistance Program

The FAMILY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM assists families whose child has a life-threatening / critical condition, focusing on a child’s mobility, health, and well-being. The intent of the program is to help reduce the financial stress that families experience from the costs and challenges associated with their child’s condition.

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To be eligible for the Family Assistance Program, the child must be:

All life-threatening / critical conditions will be considered for Family Assistance. A condition could be considered life-threatening / critical if under certain conditions, when left untreated or improperly treated, could lead to shortened life span.

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Available supports

Support considered under this program may include medically required equipment such as a wheelchair, walker, or continuous glucose monitor; travel outside of the community, including out of province or country, for ongoing treatment; or monthly support for therapeutic resources such as uninsured medications.

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Apply for Family Assistance

For more details on the Family Assistance Program, please see the HFAD Family Assistance Program Guidelines. If you are a referring medical professional and would like to request an application, please contact [email protected] or call 250-382-3135 to speak to a Program Manager.

"In our time living with the disease, we’ve come to appreciate how challenging T1D can be for kids and families as it never relents and the costs of treatment can be a significant burden. We are very grateful for the support. It was wonderful, incredible news to receive, and we are thankful your organization exists to support families dealing with conditions like this. All our thanks and kindest wishes,"
– David and Melissa
Support a
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Filling Dreams        

Never underestimate the power of a Dream.

Completing the Dream application form is your chance to tell us why this child deserves a Dream, and what would be the experience of a lifetime for them. Each Dream that we fill is as unique as the child it is created for.

Anyone can refer an eligible child for a Dream including social workers, healthcare professionals, community organizations, relatives, friends or other Dream families. The Dream child’s family will always be contacted once a referral is made and before proceeding with the Dream.

Please complete the Dream application below. If you have any questions email [email protected] or call 250-382-3135.


Eligibility for a Dream:

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Apply for your child's

"Thank you so much for the financial assistance you provided to our family. The money each month was extremely helpful for the extra expenses we had as a family with our son in the hospital. We are so grateful that your organization can help families like ours in times of hardship."
– Thank you! From Kerena and family