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Thanks to the Hyatt Family Foundation we are launching a campaign to provide fresh vegetables and fruit to our Help Fill A Dream families who need a little something extra at this time.

“Fresh veggies are such a welcome treat these days as we are avoiding the stores as much as we can. Thank you!”
Lindsay (Adam’s mom)

A box of goodness will be delivered weekly to families who we have identified will benefit most. We know that families with critically ill children have been left especially vulnerable by the outbreak of Covid-19. Also many families who may have been struggling already have had financial burdens added due to job losses and even situations like their regular suppliers being closed or hard to shop at.

Nutritious food is the foundation for good health. Every family deserves to be able to eat well. We are excited that by partnering with local food box companies across Vancouver Island, and with the support of generous donors, we can play a part in feeding our extended Help Fill A Dream Family, because food + family = love.

You can help too.

“I don’t even know where to start right now. Last week when we received the box of wonderful fresh veggies I was so grateful. Not having to go and get things is a huge relief for me. Making sure we all stay safe and healthy but especially Riley. Today though to receive ANOTHER delivery of fresh veggies and fruit brought tears to my eyes. Who knew such a simple thoughtful delivery would have such an impact. We would love to send the biggest virtual hug and deepest thanks to the Hyatt Family Foundation and as always to Help Fill a Dream. Riley was very excited to see some mangos in the bags.
Much thanks,”
The Jupp Family

Pledge to purchase a food box for a family in need.

$25 = delivery of a 1 week box for a family
$100 = delivery of 4 weekly boxes for a family

Long time supporters The Hyatt Family Foundation have offered to match donations up to a total of $15,000. When you donate $25 for one food box for a family, your donation will turn into two boxes thanks to the Hyatt Family Foundation’s matching donation pledge.

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Thank you to our generous sponsors and supporters

Public Health team at West Shore Health Unit
Victoria Distillers
Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.
Pomme Natural Market
Paper Heart Films

“Dear Help Fill a Dream Team,

We want to thank you and the Hyatt Family Foundation for the generous box of fresh produce we received this afternoon. We are a vegetable eating family so everything will be enjoyed, Natacha is already asking for the carrot and celery sticks.”

Best Regards,
Penny Toupin