Young Builder’s Network Donation

Whiskey, Education, Entertainment – not your usual boring webinar!

VICA’s Young Builders Network are a group of highly motivated individuals – in the first half of their careers –  focused in the construction industry on Vancouver Island. They are phenomenal fundraisers for Help Fill A Dream holding an annual event that is always lots of fun, and always raising amazing funds! This year they were not going to let Covid restrictions prevent them from hosting their fundraiser. Abiding by all health restrictions, YBN hosted a virtual whiskey tasting in support of Help Fill A Dream. Fair warning: it was never going to be your typical boring virtual “webinar”.

The fun and interactive night started with a whiskey tasting with one of Canada’s top whiskey educators and ambassador’s: Robin Morgan. They showcased Victoria’s own whiskey distillery, Caledonian, and their new line of crafted whiskeys. Also, Scott Van Wyck the General Manager from Swans Pub showed attendees how to mix a couple of his favorite cocktails. Whiskey samples were included in the ticket price. There was an online ‘silent’ auction and the night ended with a few fun rounds of music bingo and prizes for the winners.

This week were were thrilled to accept a donation cheque for $15,000 from representatives of the Young Builder’s Network – a phenomenal fundraising effort. Thank you to everyone involved with planning the event and to all those who attended.