Some of our 2019 superhero calendar heroes

Introducing Andrei aka the Green Lantern

8-year-old Andrei has Type One diabetes; it’s a frightening, unpredictable condition that he will live with forever. Type One means that Andrei’s pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to help his cells absorb sugars, to produce energy for his busy body. Andrei shares many qualities with the superhero The Green Lantern. Type One won’t stop this exuberant and determined superhero. He’s shown complete determination learning to manage his condition, use his new insulin pump and continue to do all the things he loves, like raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Help Fill a Dream, through collecting bottles and returnables, and performing handstands for the tourist crowds of Victoria. Andrei’s pump is like the Green Lantern’s ring – it allows him to do things he couldn’t otherwise do, but requires great willpower to make it work. We are pleased to have been able to provide Andrei and his family with help to cover the cost of renting a constant glucose monitoring system and some other supplies/medications that help keep his blood sugar levels in check. We were also very happy to send the family away on Andrei’s Dream trip to Disney World in Florida where they had a chance to relax and reconnect.


Introducing Mamdouh aka Dr Strange

Mamdouh has travelled a long and difficult path in his 14 years. Originally from Syria, Mamdouh and his family spent time as refugees in Jordan and Egypt before immigrating to Canada in search of a better home. Mamdouh has epidermolysis bullosa, a group of genetic conditions that cause his skin to be very fragile and to blister easily, causing a lot of pain. These blisters and skin erosions form in response to minor injury or friction. Epidermolysis Bullosa makes life very challenging, causing blisters in his throat that make tube feeding necessary. With skin so fragile that normal daily routines are impossible, Mamdouh needs superhuman strength to keep going. Like the character Dr. Strange, Mandouh keeps fighting against his physical limitations. We have been supporting Mamdouh and his family, purchasing a wheelchair, and covering the costs of accommodation and travel to and from BC Children’s Hospital.


Introducing Jonathan aka Wolverine

Marfans syndrome has caused many physical problems for 14-year-old Jonathan, including yearly surgery to install and elongate rods through his hips and spine. He’s undergone 26 surgeries on his back demonstrating heroic endurance and perseverance throughout. Jonathan shares Wolverine’s no-nonsense attitude. Nothing is going to stop him from participating in his favourite outdoors activities like kayaking and biking. His positivity means every interaction with Jonathan leaves you feeling better. The X-men would be lucky to have his strength and endurance on their side.